2016 Durham All-Star Game

Durham All-Star game has not taken place for the last couple of years until Coach Peter and his team decided to put the event back on. The Durham All-Star game is in the format of Public vs. Catholic, which represents the top talent from the respective High school boards.

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Top Performers from Junior All-Star Game:

#11, Rayquon, Team: We Came To Play (W.C.T.P) – displays his athletic ability, knock down open jumpers and plays in attack mode on each drive given to him.

#2, Michael, Team: We Came To Play (W.C.T.P) and Northern Kings

#66 – Jailn

#14 Tyson

#11 Justin We Came To Play (W.C.T.P)

#3 Matthew – Pine Ridge, big guard, athletic and has a finesse style to his game

#3, Ashrav , Blue Team: Northern Kings. A player if given the opportunity will shoot the lights out


# 4 – PG, although he is small this guard makes up for it with his handles, high off the glass layups and finding the open man when attacking the D.


Top Performers from Senior All-Star Game

#13, Darius Throne

#0, Jordan Henry, he is extremely quick and his hard to catch, gets a handful of deflections, in the right games can be considered a rebounding point guard

#9, Elijah Lewis-Shaw, is a shooter, 2 Guard at best

#56, Charles Bennett, He is a shooter, plays the 4 or 5, but gets out on the 3 point line and splashes it with ease.

#34, Matthew Daves, Big Guard at 6’6 = wing, strong build, he is a legit basketball player and is easily recognizable.

#26, Tristan Lind, high flyer, shoots, slashes, athletic and is full of energy

#2 Tykal Saunders (CIA Bounce), versatile guard, likes to get physical and gets up really high

#35, has a basketball players body, nice size, 6’4 and strong

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