2016 PTR All-StarGame

The PTR Winter League All-Star game took place on April 29, 2016 at Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic High School. Each respective age group had their own All-Star game. All images from this past weekend can be founded here.

Prospective athletes from the U15 All-Star game:

PTR Winter League all star game

PTR Winter League all star game

U15 All-Star Game:

#30, Lorenzo, Gold Team – Sees the floor well, runs the fast break , shows a display of various crossovers

#52, Covaughn, Gold Team – Has a knack for getting steals, showed his ability to shoot the 3, if given the ability will take over the over.

#19, Gideom, Gold Team – a medium/heavy build 5’6 guard that gets up the floor quickly and slices through the double team defence,  displays his quick handles. A player that keeps low to ground with the ball. Left hand dribble penetration is being developed.

#29,  Marlon, Gold Team – Protects the ball when on the drive, loves attacking the basket and has active hands on defence.

#50, Jordan, Black Team – PTR All-Star  3 Point Champion, Jordan has great height which helps him get off his shot, height also allows him to see over smaller defenders to find the cutting teammate to the basket.

#21, Thomas, Gold Team – Makes his presence known in the game that he is a shooter and will shoot when the opportunity is given. A player that is often happy and is delightful to watch.

#48, Usaich, Black team – is a player that finds him self at the right spot often at the right time, likes to play close to the basket. Taking a mini jumper and cleaning of the rebound for the easy two.


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