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Brampton, ON- August 23rd marked the inaugural Ball On My Mind Top 60 ID camp at the Dixie Soccer Centre. The event hosted prospects from in and around the GTA, as well as players from parts of Ottawa and Quebec.

The camp, and goal for Ball On My Mind creator and approved NCAA scout, Dalston Jr. Spencer, is to provide a platform for prospects to further their basketball resume and achieve their ultimate goal of playing basketball at a higher level, and the event last month looked to do just that.

“I want players to know that there is a chance to have their player profiles marketed even if they are not considered to be top talent, but are confident in their skills to play at a higher level, “ said Spencer.

The event consisted of players, coaches, guest speakers and several volunteers from various AAU clubs, including CIA-Bounce, Grassroots Canada, Team Breakdown, Motion and Scarborough Blues, to name a few. As well as major contributions from organizations such as Gameshooter Sports, PTR, Digital Minded and Elite Performance Health, all of which assisted in the operational aspects of the camp.

The camp also had guest speakers Radcliffe Golbourne, staff of Team Ontario, Jim Flack, head coach of Sheridan College, John Sedore of CIA Bounce and Grassroots Canada chieftain and trailblazer Ro Russell, shed light on the ins and outs of the world of CIS, NCAA and professional basketball, providing players with a glimpse of what to expect in the near future as prospective, high-level basketball players

Every player took part in a series of warm-up sessions and drills to begin the camp before splitting up into teams of ten and playing in a collection of competitive exhibition games.

Players were individually evaluated for their on-court abilities and overall skill level. These evaluations were also major properties of the player profiles that were created afterwards, which work as key resources for schools when scouting potential players.

Many players stood out during the almost six hour long camp, but only few were consistent all throughout, like 6’0 guard and Windsor, Ontario native Sina Gbadebo (Quality Education Academy, Winston-Salem, North Carolina), who was crowned MVP of the Ball On My Mind Top 60 scouting ID camp and also made an appearance in the top-20 all-star game.

Although the event was the first for Ball On My Mind and an introduction to the flourishing organization, the showcase was widely considered a success by coaches, spectators and, most importantly, the players who were involved.

Sharpshooter and son of CIA/Bounce coach John Sedore, JJ Sedore, was one of the standouts at the event and provided some insight on the inaugural camp.


JJ Sedore

I thought the event was very well ran, it was a good event for kids that needed the exposure and kids that want to get their name out there,” said Sedore, who put his outside shooting prowess on full display throughout the entire camp, including a dominant 20 point performance in game number three.


“It was good for me, as a player, because I got to show things that I could do. I got to showcase my ability. I improved with my confidence at that camp, it was really an eye opener for me, “added Sedore. “It showed me what my abilities really are. Before I wasn’t really known for much, but from that camp people expect to know me as more aggressive, scorer and things like that.”

The camp’s primary focus is to provide a platform for kids who may not receive the necessary recognition and support needed in order to play basketball at a higher level. Essentially, it’s an opportunity to increase the likelihood of getting recruited by post-secondary institutions, whether in Canada or in the United States.


Compliments  Jaspreet Grewal 

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