Ball On My Mind Workout Videos

One of the goal’s of Ball On My Mind is to share more, create more content, and build a culture for basketball. Sometimes players are not comfortable asking questions about the sort of drills they should be doing to get better. If this helps in any way please leave a comment. My only recommendation I stress to all players that I workout with his high repetition that is the biggest requirement. High reps is required and more importantly apply the newly obtained skills in the game.

A lot of the content will feature game highlights of individuals from my past events (watching game film is something you should be doing always) and of course film from my weekly workouts. Always feel free to shoot me an email to schedule a workout or just general inquiries: For parents/ players you have a game highlights you would like to see featured on our site send us a message and we will host it on our blog site (quality videos though please)



Workouts in Michigan  Pt.1


Jumper coming off a screen





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