Dear friends,

Ball On My Mind launched its scouting basketball service by hosting its first scouting event and gracefully there was a tremendous turnout. The positive feedback responses received by players, coaches, parents and other basketball stakeholders that attended the event was unimaginable. Because of the positive feedback I am planning a future event that can handle the capacity for future players to attend and that they too will be able to share in the experience that the players were able to receive this past weekend.

This efforts of this past weekend could not have been done on my own. I would like to say thank you to the following groups.

My Advisor Cameron Duff

Secondly, PTR (Chris Campbell and his media Team), Game Shooter Sport, Universal Hoops and Onpoint (Jaspreet Grewal and gratitude to Drew Ebanks) Digital Minded, Blue Vision, Sherry Worrie, Denny’s Restaurant and the Brampton Guardian.

Third, to the club teams and basketball trainers: Grassroots, S-Elite, Marksmen, Motion, Bounce, 21 Hoops, Hardwood Kings, Aspire 4 Higher, Alex Johnson, GTA Training, Brampton Breakdown Phil The Trainer, Alex Johnson Kings Elite and Ball Noir.

Fourth, to the Instructors, Coaching Staff, Media team, volunteers, parents/ guests and referees: All I can say is countless thanks!

Lastly, to the players that attended – my sincere thanks for considering to be a part of a process that is developing and your trust to see it through. Photo updates, highlights and videos will be rolling out within the coming weeks as well as the player profile updates.

To your success,

Dalston Jr. Spencer

Ball On My Mind – Basketball Scouting and Event Services

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