Early mornings and long nights – daily routines for the basketball season

I wanted to pin point on a subject that I think both parents and students are concerned about. How do I prepare for along day of school and manage basketball practices/ games? This probably takes a toll on incoming grade 9 students that transition from grade school to high school, and this could feel overwhelming.


Two things came to mind!


  1. Being disciplined through time management and;
  2. A healthy diet to prepare for practices, and game days

I’ll summarize a short article I found from USA Basketball – How to Eat Healthy before a basketball game


Bring on the Liquids:


  • Drink water, before going to bed, at breakfast, lunch.
  • Keep water available before games/ practice and after this way you keep your body replenished
  • At all costs keep hydrated – high energy means that you can go out and compete
  • Consume your meals 3 hrs before game to allow for digestion
  • Have a snack easily available after practice or a game example: banana, granola bar, nuts


Increase calorie intake:


  • Eat more healthy foods, increase your carbohydrate intake as you are burning more calories
  • Recommended food items: meats, cheese nuts oils


Good sources of nutrition Vitamins:


  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Multivitamins


However you decide to piece your meals and nutrition together find a consistent routine and set reminders through your phone so that you don’t forget.


Managing homework:


  • Take the time to get small wins by taking on less challenging homework and build momentum each day to take on more challenging course work
  • Prioritize your homework as priority number 1. Realize that your schoolwork will dictate if you play for your school/ club team. Whether you start. Or don’t get to play until the second half. This all boils down to you.
  • Get help from your teachers before it’s too late. If struggling in a course seek help right away. Become friends with your teachers it’s a difference between getting an “F” or a “C”.


Let’s continue to get better.


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