Motion – Black History Classic Tournament, Feb 26-28, 2016

In an email out to Chris Campbell, Director of Motion Sports and owner of Pound The Rock (PTR). I asked him to provide some details into the first Black History Month Tournament put on by Motion.

Black History Month is celebrated every year during the month of February. It is a time when black prominent figures such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson and even the likes of President Obama can be celebrated for their efforts in the  fight for black rights and equality, but also highlight progression of progressive black individuals as well.

Here is quick snip of my interview with Chris Campbell.

Dalston: Chris was what the reason in putting on such a sentimental event?

Chris Campbell: I feel Black History isn’t coming off as a something that our youth of today should know for themselves.  We are responsible as adults to give our kids pathways to educate themselves.  We also need to be examples.  A youth will gravitate to the idea of research and understanding of Black history, if they see a mentor or guardian figure who continues to educate them on our history.

Dalston: What stemms this tournament? What teams will be in attendance:

Teams will always come out to a good tournament.  As the tournament organizer, we wanted to make sure the kids walked away with substance.  We hope we can plant seeds subconsciously to self reflect on what they actually know about Blacks contribution to the world.
We are happy to know that all the teams, especially the coaches supported the tournament.  They influenced the players and parents to be there.
PTR Motion Black History

PTR Motion Black History

This year’s winner of the Motion – Black History Month Tournament was the Etobicoke Thunder
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