Seasoned Players over Rookies – The Tale of the NBA Draft

Summary of the interview between C.J. McCollum and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Click Here

The last few years news broadcasters, basketball analyst, agents, GM’s and the list goes on for all NBA stakeholders including prospective NBA players have heard the discussion surrounding the eligibility for the NBA draft.

This past 2014 NBA Entry Draft may have possibly been the last year for individuals who at the age of 18 possess exceptional basketball skills will be eligible to enter future drafts.

Commissioner Adam Silver noted in the interview that the draft eligibility is not a simple issue to address on one side of the argument there are NBA prospects that feel they are ready to make the jump to the professional level. The other side of the argument has nothing to do with the economic positive income of players entering the league. The intriguing argument is that NBA teams would like to see prospects play an extra year at the college level or in their respective professional leagues. These programs prepare players for the rigours of the NBA both physically and mentally.

In recent years, we have witnessed injuries to high valued prospects and then there are also players that do not perform well within their first year in the NCAA. A second season will allow NBA front offices to re-evaluate players to determine a players’ ability to play and perform in the NBA.

Unfortunately for some of these prospective athletes they are not in a financial position to wait another year to start earning income because of severe economic poverty that exists within their lives and for many, the income will change the living standards for their families. This is simply one of many reasons as to why and why not increasing the age eligibility should take place.

To the credit of Adam Silver, he takes a realistic approach in that he will include the NCAA executive board during the discussion process. The discussions will surround around NCAA basketball athletes having adequate resources at their disposal to eliminate the pressure to leave post-secondary earlier than suggested by their advisors (coaches, counsellors, trainers, etc.) and creating an evaluation system to determine suitability to play at the next level.

As a basketball enthusiast I would like to see the NBA import the best talent in the world I prefer the age to remain at 18 when the ceiling is still high for development of raw talent and projections to be an All Star is realistic. A quick analysis of the age increase can see players opting to move to other leagues or choose other careers. There is a handful of NBA players who have been active in the league for 5 or more years and entered the league age 19 or younger and have had successful years: Kevin Durant (2013-14 MVP) Dererk Rose (2010-11 MVP), Glen “Baby” Davis (2007 NBA Champion) Lemarcus Aldridge (3x NBA All Star) and Paul George (2x NBA All Star).

As we onlookers get excited about the upcoming draft class we may have to hold our breath for a few more years. The one and done era may be coming to a quick demise.

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