Showcase registration form # 2 (Grades 11 – Age 23)

BOMM presents our third event, titled Hold Your Own the double showcase, August 26 – 28 at the Brampton Soccer Centre. In attendance will be Chris Hemphill, Scout of NC (North Carolina) Preps in Association with one of the largest and trusted scouting Services in North America. Other media will be in attendance, coaches  multiple games, guest speakers and more! We will be introducing a new concept to divide players from Grades 9-11 and players grade 11 – age 22 to maximize fair competition and visibility over a 3 day period.

BOMM is always looking to bring the best of resources to our events in adding value to the parents, fans and participants.

Registration fee (games + training + reversible jersey) $185

Registration + individual highlight tape $255

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Liability Waiver

The risk of injury for the activities involved in the showcase is significant including the potential of permanent paralysis and death, while particular rules, equipment and personal disciplines may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist, and; I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both know and unknown, even if arising from negligence of the organizers and any staff member or official, their directors, officials, agents and employees, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the showcase (“Release”) and assume full responsibility for my participation; Ball On My Mind will not be responsible for participants outside of the designated schedule of the event including misconduct and negligence; Parent/Participant agrees to pay for damages related to the gym facility and property of the Brampton Soccer Centre and; I understand that Ball On My Mind’s photo’s/ videos may appear in electronic form on the internet or in other publications outside of the Ball On My Mind control. I agree that I will not hold Ball On My Mind responsible for any harm that may arise from such unauthorized reproduction. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the images or recordings or of any written copy. I further waive all moral rights and distribution to 3rd parties. I also waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the images, recordings or materials. I further acknowledge that a refund cannot be provided from the date of August 11, 2016 due to processing of resources example: reversible uniform.


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