Toronto Raptors vs Sacramento Kings – The One That Got Away

Being a Toronto Raptors fan since 06 I’ve learned to never give up on games because there’s always that chance they make a comeback and force overtime or win the game. But Sunday night was a different story. The Raptors made their lone trip to Sacramento with the odds against them holding a 3-16 (now 3-17) record all time on the Sacramento Kings’ home court. Now I don’t know what it is about the Kings but the Raptors always seem to have a tough time playing against them so whenever you tune in for a Raptors-Kings matchup, expect a tough game. I can run through the highlights of the game but it was merely a sloppy contest for the Raptors and the only play that stands of importance is the biggest shot (non-shot) of the night by Terrence Ross.

Now from the video you can tell Ross took a deep three just before the buzzer sounded to tie the game, however the shot did not count because DeMarcus Cousins tipped the ball before the timer started running thus allowing the NBA Replay Center to conclude Ross wouldn’t have gotten the ball off in time. This sort of outcome brought back memories to me and probably many other Raptors fans where a faulty shot clock back in 2008 cost the Raptors a game winner vs the Atlanta Hawks. As you can tell the short lived celebration by many fans led to utter disbelief, shock, and anger for the controversial call:

Now as much “evidence” the NBA has to prove that Cousins tipping the ball had allowed the Kings to win, I can prove otherwise:

1) Raptors should have had more time on the clock for their final possession.

When looking at the previous possession you can see that the Kings called a timeout with 26.2 seconds on the clock and 23 seconds of the shot clock remaining


Now when you look at the time remaining for the Raptors possession the Raptors only had 2.4 seconds remaining on the clock, now if I do my math correctly that should leave a total of 3.2 seconds left for a Raptors play not 2.4 seconds and both Patrick Patterson and Jared Sullinger took note.

Could this have been a problem? Maybe another shot clock error? Yes but this was not accounted for and could have played a big factor into the outcome. Now one can argue the possibility that the shot clock was at 23.8 seconds and the game clock at 26.2 but who can really say when the whole game was based on a faulty shot clock from human errors.

2) Cousins’ tip did not let 0.5 seconds on the clock pass.

Whenever I look back at the play I get more and more furious. Looking over the replay, Ross got his shot off with 0.5 seconds remaining in the game.


And the NBA is arguing that the time it took Cousins to tip the ball and the game time to start took up 0.5 seconds? I fail to see how they accurately calculated this since no human can possible get the EXACT TIME Cousins hit the ball. The time did start before Ross got the ball so it was not like Ross had the full 2.4 seconds to get a shot off.


The way I see it unless the NBA shows me the full on evidence of this being the case I will not trust the NBA to favor any Raptors possessions in late game situations. So far the evidence only falls under Raptors favor. With fans and reporters jumping on the situation to determine if 2.4 seconds was enough for Ross to tie it up.

3) Ross took his shot based on the time presented to him.

Like stated in an earlier tweet presented, the blame cannot be put on Ross for making the shot in the time presented to him. When Ross gets the ball he sees around 2 seconds remaining and makes a play based off of that. You cannot overturn that shot when it was the mistake of the time keeper. Had Ross known less than 2 seconds would remain on the clock when he got the ball he would have gotten the shot off sooner.

From the way the game ended the Raptors should not have lost on a HUMAN ERROR period. At the very least they should have let the Raptors play out one more possession instead of overturning the call and ending the game. The evidence presented with the corrected time it took Ross to shoot from the Cousins’ tip proves the NBA made the mistake to overturn the basket and refuses to admit the mistake.

The Last Two Minute Report by the NBA states that they made the correct call but when they provide evidence like I have in this article, then I’ll believe them. The Raptors have every right to protest this defeat.

Piece by Chris Hu – Twitter:@OhYouKnowHu

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