Thon Maker his name on just sounds like a person who is or will be important and make no mistake the name Thon Maker right now and until he makes decision on his future will continue to be leading into the BIO STEEL All-Canadian Game.

The biggest Question is what will Thon do next where will he play in 2015/2016 we have heard many stories from varied sources and all of them sound possible for a potential top 3 pick in his draft year lets face it the world wants this kid to turn Pro as soon as possible the question is will he take the NCAA route or skip it and turn Pro in Europe or China. The experts are saying Europe is not as big an option for Thon due to the fact “European Teams are not in need of under developed big men” which is funny Thon would be an impact player in many European divisions the kid is one of a kind talent.

The Logical Options :

1. Play One more Year of HS Basketball (Unlikely) 2. Reclassify and Play in the NCAA next Season (Likely) 3. Play Pro Next Season in Europe or China (Very Possible its Been Done Before)

Wait for #4 we have heard speculation that Thon could decide to stay in Canada and play in the NBL (National Basketball League of Canada) while he waits to be draft eligible this option seems the most interesting because having Thon in the NBL even for 1 season would bring more attention to the League not to mention all of the players he would face throughout the League.

Thon playing in the NBL could be just a fantasy or speculation reason being the NCAA is the best situation for any High-Level player looking to market there game to the NBA and gain the attention of a new fan base playing overseas can leave you gone and forgotten by the mass media and the average fan.

Players who Played Pro and Skipped College:

1. Brandon Jennings (2008-2009) Italian League   – Playing In Italy hurt his Draft Stock he got paid however he would have been better served attending any NCAA School. He played in Italy and initially struggled to adjust to the European Pro Game directly out of HS he eventually balled out but it took time and his #’s were not jaw dropping in his only year in Europe.

2. Emmanuel Mudiay (Guangdong Southern Tigers) – Played in China 2014/2015 looks like his stock has remained high this kid is a stud certified player – Under Armour signed him before he left for China and he was paid well by his Chinese team. This season he performed well enough in limited time to impress the NBA scouts.

3. Jeremy Tyler – (2009) – Played in Israel right of HS his draft stock did not elevate at all he has been a journeyman player in the NBA and Europe in his case he became a pro early but turning pro without an NCAA experience may have hurt his entire pro career path. Getting drafted in the 1st round is key to this choice will you get drafted in the 1st round after your European tour if you don’t its not worth it.

The Thon Maker story is the most interesting of any HS recruit in the last 5 years because he can literally do anything, his background is completely different he is an international citizen a global basketball commodity he truly belongs to the world Sudan, Australia, America and now Canada.

Thon Maker has a chance to change Basketball with just one choice staying in HS, NCAA, NBL, Europe or China all great destinations because in the end we know how this story turns out sponsored by 3 Letters “NBA”

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