Over the past few weeks speaking with many of the more innovative Basketball minds in the city and the GTA a topic of interest to many of us who enjoy High School Basketball keeps on coming up the concept of the “SUPER LEAGUE” for boys High School Basketball in Ontario/Canada.

In the past Leagues with the Elite concept have tried and failed for example the Prep League (NPSAA Canada) a few years back however that League came and left without a ripple so what has really changed for this concept to become an option in the near future?

1. The Rise of Orangeville Prep – http://www.athleteinstitute.ca/basketballacademy/

2. The Rise Bill Crothers – Colts – http://www.yrdsb.ca/schools/billcrothers.ss/athletics/Pages/default.aspx

3. New Prep Teams – BTB Prep Academy – http://www.deenupathletics.com/?page_id=830

4. The Rise of REDA Prep

5. Thornlea Prep “Thunder” – https://twitter.com/thornleabball

6. Elite Programs for serious Student Athletes AIA Prep – http://www.athleteinstitute.ca/basketballacademy/

7. Private Schools building programs – St. John Kilmarnock – http://www.sjkschool.org/


8. Private Schools dominating Public Schools – ST. Mike’s College –

9. Thetford Academy – Quebec (They play in the New England Prep League) – https://twitter.com/theth_academy

This change is coming Parents, Player and Fans want it to happen it is the next step in launching the game of Basketball to the next level High School Basketball needs to be important and relevant not just ROPSSAA games or School Board contests.

Traditional High School Team who would and could more than compete in a “SUPER LEAGUE”

1. DY’VILLE – Brampton 2. CAMPION – Brampton 3. FHC – Etobicoke 4. VAUGHAN – North York 5. McNABB – Hamilton 6. HOLY TRINITY – Oakville 7. OAKWOOD – Toronto 8. CORPUS CHRISTI – Burlington

There would be no shortage of teams who could compete should they choose to play the best competition on a game to game basis.

Possible Benefits of the New League :

1. Shot Clock League 2. Players would not be restricted by school boundaries 3. Regular High Level Games in GTA 4. Private / Public / Prep & Catholic all in the same League

** Possible 2015 start date **

A League like this could further develop the game and our young players we hope the small talk is true as this concept with the right timing could lead to Great Things !!


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